Why We Do It

Daria Kayitesi  Safe Space (DKSS)

DKSS offers all these services because we believe everyone living with HIV/AIDS deserves the right to access to free medical services, an education and accommodation alongside a healthy balanced diet. We also want to eradicate the rate at which HIV has escalated courtesy of illiteracy through improving the methods and levels of HIV knowledge dissemination.

Improved access to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights information will also help reduce their vulnerability to HIV/AIDS and STIs.

Provision of free medical services will help increase the rate of ART drug adherence which in return will help control the spread of HIV as proved by undetectable viral load test results.

Also, through financial empowerment, beneficiaries shall be able to afford the basic needs of life. DKSS shall be solving challenges revolving around lack of the basic needs of life i.e. medical services, homelessness, illiteracy, food, low drug adherence, stigma & discrimination, stress & depression, teenage pregnancies and abortions.