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VANTECH is a future ready private limited company legally registered under the companies’ act 2012 and incorporated according to 2016 regulations, leading the mass adoption of climate-smart technologies in the water and energy resource industry for sustainable agriculture and landscapes, residential and industrial use. We are one of the well-established clean water and energy consultants and service provider situated in Uganda with our headquarters in Kampala, advocating for use of renewable energy and technologies that contribute to sustainable water management whilst contributing to food security.
We offer energy and water expertise in agriculture

We help with the overall planning of a project from start to finish.

Our professional team be it sales represesntative , will technically approach any kind challenge in water and energy for production to provide the most suitable and tangible solution. We carry out complete assessments ,system designs ,selection, supply ,installations , operations and management of systems for our clients with the utmost technical requirements at hand and free consultations in the areas of speciality below:

Irrigation And Fertigation

With complete assessments , we design ,install and maintain the most efficient sprinkler systems, micro...

Water Pumping Systems and Hardware

With specific site data at hand ,we size,select,supply ,install and maintain all types of water...

Water Sourcing and Rehabilitation works

Where surface water is absent or insufficient , our water engineers ,will carry out hydrological...

Solar Systems And Equipment

We select ,supply ,install and maintain solar water pumping ,heating and lighting (both off and...


We supply ,install and maintain alternative power sources to back up outages and act as...

Lawn Care Services

We plan,design, and establish the most beautiful and attractive lawns as well and improving and...
We offer energy and water expertise in agriculture

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