Daria Kayitesi Safe Space


Daria Kayitesi Safe Space (DKSS) is a youth-led and youth-serving non-profit organization that was founded by Miss Ruth Namutebi Elizabeth named after her late mother Daria Kayitesi that came into existence after she was hit by the reality of challenges faced by people living with HIV/AIDS in all calibers.

This home will be a self-facilitated gated community with a certified and registered hospital, a licensed vocational and technical institute, and guest houses for care takers and service providers, administration block, police post, kitchen, and shelters, chapel/mosque plus an agricultural farm which will be privately owned by the organization itself, the farm will help produce food for the beneficiaries but will also act as an income generator.


To build a stigma-free self-facilitated society impacting safe space (gated community) for PLHIV


To facilitate the basic needs of life of People Living with HIV/AIDS

Goals & Objectives
What We Do

Our vision is to build a self-facilitated environment which will accommodate a hospital and technical/vocational school alongside accommodation for beneficiaries plus an income generating agricultural farm premised on the desire to provide a safe space for beneficiaries. We are a stigma-free society impacting a safe space that provides free better medical services and enforce ART drug adherence, rehabilitation, and psych-social support plus counselling services. 

Why We Do It

DKSS offers all these services because we believe everyone living with HIV/AIDS deserves the right to access to free medical services, an education and accommodation alongside a healthy balanced diet. We also want to eradicate the rate at which HIV has escalated courtesy of illiteracy through improving the methods and levels of HIV knowledge dissemination.


The services shall be performed in a way that a victim (child/youth) shall be tested for HIV before being admitted into the home, upon which when results return a file shall be opened about this child, their background and full details shall be captured. Incase this child had been harassed or dumped, a police case shall be opened up and a statement taken to assess what exactly happened and all shall be carried out by the social workers on ground


Our Services Benefit the following people


However since this shall be a community based privately owned hospital and institute by the NGO, we can’t limit these services to only PLHIV and having said that, DKSS shall in the long run extend specific services to the general community (HIV negative) based on prevailing circumstances.

Category A

(HIV Positive)

Category B